We are very pleased to announce the creation of the DELTA PLUS SYSTEMS entity!


Created by DELTA PLUS GROUP to ensure the highest level of technical expertise for your safety, DELTA PLUS SYSTEMS represents the alliance of two French renowned companies in the field of fall protection: VERTIC & ODCO.


No worry, your partners, contacts, work habits, … nothing changes! You will continue to benefit from a complete and increasingly qualitative support, from the audit of your needs to the installation of your fall arrest solutions.


For more information please feel free to contact us!

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ALTIRAIL LR-new product

Welcome to the brand new ALTIRAIL LR in the DELTA PLUS SYSTEMS’ fall protection range!

With a span of up to 8 meters, this beautiful new product is designed to secure structures where the available fixing supports are widely spaced. A perfect solution for securing gantries, for example.


Versatile, it can be adapted to any type of structure, from the thinnest to the thickest, thanks to its range of fixing supports.


It perfectly combines comfort of use and safety, thanks to its 316 stainless steel runner, equipped with 2 hooks for reinforced safety and plastic wheels for a smooth circulation.


For more information, do not hesitate to contact our team, via our online form or directly by phone +33(0)476 131 215 or by mail systems@deltaplus.fr.


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sécurisation d'accès VERTILIGNE sur éolienne

Key elements for energy transition, wind turbines continue to multiply in France

With their significant advantages: lower energy production costs, energy performance (a 12 MW offshore wind turbine can cover the domestic electricity consumption of 16,000 households), limited environmental impact, security of supply, etc., the French government is clearly committed to a strategy of deploying these technologies, especially offshore.


But can we secured effectively all the operators who work on them?
Two main ways.


The installation of permanent fall protection systems.

  • prefer going for a rail solution for user-comfort: which will allow a smooth and continuous circulation, both up and down
  • make sure that the system attaches directly to your own ladder and/or structure
  • make sure as well, that the angle you use the runner is authorized by the manufacturer (inclination of the access system)
  • check the maximum load these trolleys can support (including operator and tools).


Focus on fall protection for offshore wind turbines which are prone to significant tilting and setbacks:

  • choose a fall arrest solution with a carriage equipped with a bidirectional locking system,
  • prefer going for an rail in aluminium for its flexibility, rather that stainless steel.


The training of the operators.

When we think about training in wind energy, we can’t not talk about The “Basic Safety Training” standard developed by the Global Wind Organisation (GWO).
THE reference in the field, it is made up of 5 modules: first aid, manual handling, fire awareness, working at heights and sea survival, and aims to guarantee the best health and safety conditions at work for the technicians working on these structures.


Within the DELTA PLUS group, our ALPIC Training teams are experts in this field and GWO certified. Our brand new indoor structure dedicated to practice will allow you to acquire or review all the skills required to work on wind turbines.
As close as possible to your real working conditions, our practice ground gives you the opportunity to train at will, surrounded by the best trainers! Climbing on ladders/pylons, management of effort, evacuation of a person in suspension, creation of temporary anchors, descents/climbing on ropes, … come and train with us!




Contact us for more info: via our online form, mail or phone
+(33)04 76 13 30 30

Get an appointment directly on our online training schedule here! And if the dates or locations don’t suit you, contact us directly and we’ll organize it with you.



The choice of security and adapted training is essential. As experts in this field, we accompany you throughout this process to ensure the safety and comfort of your teams.

2020 world day for safety and health at work-deltaplussystems-UK

DELTA PLUS supports the ILO message for the World Day for Safety and Health at Work

“The safety & health at work can save lives”


The World Day for Safety and Health at Work focuses this year on the unprecedented health situation we have been facing for many weeks.
The International Labor Organization (I.L.O) has implemented an awareness-raising campaign about safe practices to be adopted on the workplace and major role played by the occupational security and health services (O.S.H).

The health and well-being of our employees, partners and customers have always been our priority and the entire DELTA PLUS group is obviously mobilized to make these health practices followed and understood by all.



“Decent work is safe work”

The I.L.O. aims to raise global awareness about the causes and consequences of accidents in the occupational environment. Thus, this world day gives the opportunity to remind the importance of the protection of People at work.


The guidelines and advice from the I.L.O. have been the core of our expertise for over 40 years. As an expert and manufacturer DELTA PLUS works daily to create innovative personal protective equipment adapted to your work environment.

Aware that the understanding of safety issues requires above all the knowledge of everyone in the field, we have developed comprehensive training modules, to acquire the basics but also go further by improving fundamentals.


Our mission: to protect you.



Next week will be full of encounters!



  BATIMAT – Parc des expositions Villepinte : Hall 5B Stand 20


We will be along with DELTA PLUS group on BATIMAT, the international construction congress which gather decision-makers and professionals of construction and sustainable development projects of tomorrow.



A+A –Düsseldorf: Hall 4 Stand D39


VERTIC & DELTA PLUS teams will fly to Germany for a week on the security and health international congress: A+A.




Can’t wait to meet you on BATIMAT & A+A!


ANOV-VERTIC pivoting anchor point

VERTIC gonna make your head spin !

Strength, practicality, ergonomics and so more…


Come discover without further delay the new ANOV anchor point, designed and engeneered to meet YOUR needs :

  • Strength: 100% stainless steel (316l)
  • Practicality : 2 users simultaneously
  • Ergonomics : usable with any type of connector
  • Simplicity : easy & quick installation
  • Smart: permanent engraving thanks to stamping marking
  • Long lifespan : excellent system durability


For more information, do not hesistate to contact us or download the flyer!

Spotlights on

Spotlights on!

The Cannes Film Festival ends tonight, but VERTIC is playing extra time and has some surprises in store for you for this 2019 autumnal season!


Fun, practical, available 24/7,…, this new project is the result of our commitment to provide you with ever more qualitative services, but also to continue to improve our environmental impact by reducing all the printed documents we exchange.


We won’t tell you more! Stay online this fall to find out!



UK-28 avril journée mondiale santé sécurité au travail

28th April – World Day for Safety and Health at Work

Every year, the 28th April – World Day for Safety and Health at Work – is the opportunity to remind people that too many accidents, deaths, injuries and illnesses still occur in the workplace.


Every day, we are committed to promoting a culture of risk prevention and providing the information and training necessary to prevent workplace safety.


Workshop closing

VERTIC & ALPIC improve your daily life!

Our main target has always been to do our best to meet your expectations regarding products and services.


Thus, we have decided to invest in new tools, to gain in reactivity and accuracy through the support we provide: new E.R.P., new quotation software, new accounting interface, … we are revolutionizing our IT tools in order to improve your daily life.

These integrations will be carried out in May 2019, in parallel with our business. However, they will require a complete closing of our shipping & manufacturing workshop from Monday 6 to Friday 10 May inclusive.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need furthers details, by email of by phone.


We thank you in advance for your understanding

inauguration atelier VERTIC 2019

VERTIC inaugurates its new workshop extension!

We were so excited to move to the new extension of our workshop and it’s finally time!


With an additional surface area of 1,340 m2, our manufacturing & expedition teams now have 330 m2 for production, 1,220 m2 of stocks and 375 m2 dedicated to the reception and shipment of our fall protection solutions.


Redesigning workspaces, improving workstation and flow ergonomics, etc., we also have taken the opportunity to rethink the entire organization of our supply chain process.
The main objectives were to provide more comfort to the teams on a daily basis, and also to improve their productivity in order to provide you with an ever more qualitative and efficient service.


The expansions are not completely finished yet, stay tuned for new info!

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