Securing painting rooms with our ALTIRAIL & ALTIRAIL LR solutions!

Securingpainting rooms with our ALTIRAIL & ALTIRAIL LR solutions!

Today, let’s go to Eastern Europe with this beautiful project of securing painting rooms for tramways and trains!




Our teams were called in for a project to secure painting rooms for a company working on trains and trams in the Czech Republic.


6 cabins in total ranging from 13m to 30m in length.


The painting work on trains and trams requires fluidity of movement in all directions, so our teams first considered our ALTIRAIL rail lifeline solution, which can be installed overhead (fixed to the ceiling).

However, the structure of the cabins includes a significant ventilation system above the work area, so the ALTIRAIL could not be installed there.




We therefore designed a tailor-made solution to overcome all the constraints and meet all the needs of our customer.

By combining the efficient and safe overhead position of our ALTIRAIL rail lifeline and the long span of our ALTIRAIL LR rail lifeline, we were able to create a solution that perfectly met our customer’s needs:


Adaptation to the existing structure

Two ALTIRAIL were installed on each side of the painting rooms to ensure that it could be securely fixed without damaging the ventilation.


Smooth traffic

The ALTIRAIL LR long range rail was fixed to mobile runners which were themselves installed on each of the ALTIRAIL lengths.

Thus, the circulation from left to right is ensured by the ALTIRAIL LR and the circulation from front to back is ensured by the installation of the ALTIRAIL LR on two lengths of ALTIRAIL.


User safety

In addition to the smooth flow of traffic, this solution provides complete coverage of the work area, ensuring the safety of the user throughout his work.


Before implementing this solution, our teams created a prototype in our own workshop in order to ensure the safety of this solution as well as the degree of fluidity of movement that it allowed.




A total of 6 cabins were secured:

  • 1 cabin of 30 meters long
  • 1 cabin of 17 meters long
  • 1 cabin of 15 metres long
  • 3 cabins of 13 meters long

202 meters of ALTIRAIL rail lifeline were installed as well as 72 metres of ALTIRAIL LR long range rail lifeline.


Do not hesitate to contact our teams to study your specific needs!


To see by yourself the benefits of this solution, here is a short video of use!

Delta Plus systems welcomes Alsolu teams

DELTA PLUS SYSTEMS entity is growing and welcomes ALSOLU teams!

DELTA PLUS SYSTEMS is growing thanks to the acquisition of ALSOLU company by Delta Plus Group, major player on the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) who is pursuing its strengthening policy on value-added business segments.




Founded over 10 years ago in Saint-Etienne with a workforce of 50 employees, Alsolu designs, manages the manufacture and markets a complete range of collective protection safeguards (guardrails), high access equipment (ladders, stairs) and individual protection (anchoring and ropes).


Through its design office, the company pursues a policy of dynamic innovation and « design for industrialisation » which enables it to develop and offer the market a complete range of products, mainly dedicated to national and international distributors.




Delta Plus’ intention is to consolidate its position as the leader in the French market for safety at heights and to become so internationally.


In the context of very short-term growth objectives, a project for the extension of St Etienne site by 3000m² will support Alsolu which will remain the key partner of major national and regional distributors.

Delta Plus wishes to capitalise on the recognised know-how of Alsolu and Delta Plus Systems teams (160 employees) in France and abroad, and aims to guarantee a complete and enhanced range of products and services dedicated to collective and individual protection as well as high access equipment.


Want to know more about ALSOLU ?

That way!


Some questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact our teams!


VERTIRAIL & COMBIRAIL on slovakian factories!

Let’s go to Slovakia with this great collaboration signed DELTA PLUS SYSTEMS and our Slovakian partner A-MAX!


The first stage of securing the access to the silos and roofs of a new factory has successfully been achieved.

A complex site requiring a meticulous approach to secure four-sided ladders with the major constraint of guaranteeing the continuity of the fall arrest system.


The solution provided by DELTA PLUS SYSTEMS and A-MAX on this project is a combination of our vertical rigid lifeline VERTIRAIL (bended to ensure a smooth and safety circulation throught the ladder’s different sections) and our inclined rigid lifeline COMBIRAIL to secure the transition from the ladder to the roof.


DELTA PLUS SYSTEMS is thanksfull to A-MAX for this collaboration on this successfull project!


You can appreciate the fluidity of this turnkey solution on a similar installation through the video below

COMBIRAIL emblem project

COMBIRAIL on the rooftops of Emblem project at Bordeaux

We take you to Bordeaux today! This beautiful city in the south-west of France is one of the most attractive of the country, thanks to the quality of life it offers but also to its exceptional architectural, cultural, gastronomic and wine-growing heritage.


Thanks to our partnership with COGEDIM, a brand of the ALTAREA Group, we were lucky enough to stay there for almost a month and a half, in the centre of the Bassins à Flot district, right in the front of the Cité du Vin.

Surrounded by its team of architects, landscapers, designers and as a real estate promoter, COGEDIM has been offering you turnkey support, for almost 60 years in all your new real estate purchasing projects.


Called on for the EMBLEM project, on Quai de Bacalan, our teams has designed and installed a complete safety solution in order to secure any operator required to work on the roofs to carry out maintenance.

Capture-maquette 360

This exceptional location, between the Ecluse, the Chaban-Delmas bridge and the Cité du Vin, obviously required fall protection systems that were as discreet as possible, and that could blend into the landscape and completely be forgotten.

In addition to these aesthetic requirements, and in collaboration with COGEDIM’s S.P.S. Qualiconsult coordinator, we have identified several constraints :

  • Offer a permanent rigid fall arrest system, with no possibility of sagging: to ensure that in the event of a fall, the person’s torso never goes beyond the roof and that he or she can easily stand up on their own,
  • Offer operators a single, continuous system on the entire roof, with no unhooking,
  • Effectively secure roof slopes that sometimes reach more than 15° of inclination,
  • Take into account the several angles, ridges and valleys present,
  • Pay particular attention to the expansion of zinc, a material which partly makes up the roofing (the rest is made of zinc PLX type steel).



On these bases, our specific engineering office and our project manager have analysed all these issues and offer to install a 370-metres-rigid inclined COMBIRAIL solution in total, several access solutions: stairs and walkways as well as anchor points.


Anodised* in the same colour as the roofs, our fall protection rail system combined with our RCBC bi-directional locking runner, allow operators to move around in a totally fluid manner, while ensuring immediate locking in the event of a fall.

It has also been combined with 3- and 4-way switches, which allow users to move from one end of the roof to the other without having to unhook or change systems.

Congratulations and a huge thank to COGEDIM, our S.P.S. Qualiconsult coordinator, our sales teams, our specific engineering office, our installation teams and rope access technicians for this great project and teamwork!



* Would you like to know more about anodising our systems? Feel free to read this article or contact our teams.

Lacquering & anodizing

Lacquering & anodizing, what are the differences ?


Lacquering & thermolacquering


These two processes are used and appreciated for the aesthetism improvement of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.


Why lacquering or thermolacquering (also known as powder-coating)?


Contrary to what people think, it is quite possible to combine aesthetism and safety at the same time, in insuring that the fall arrest systems blends perfectly in the architecture.

This is where lacquering and powder coating processes come into play.
These will allow you to transform our fall arrest systems with a metallic appearance into furniture that will integrate perfectly into your architecture, while at the same time being forgotten.


Lacquering benefits:


Lacquering allows color application on metallic pieces both basic and complex as well as fragile. This process can be applied to all pieces and supports.

For static profiles, lacquering and thermolacquering are perfectly adapted. Indeed, they are cheaper than anodizing and offer a large panel of colors.


Thermolacquering benefits:


Thermolacquering confers a surface hardness and a long-lasting color fastness thanks to a great shock and corrosion resistance. This process uses liquid paint and is more economical and environmental-friendly than traditional lacquering, which uses a powder without drying.

Thermolacquering process allows to increase significantly the durability of aluminium products while conferring a significant aesthetic aspect to it.

Powder tinting process (reheated in the oven) allows association of various colors and new textures (metallic aspects, mat, stain, scratched, hammered, glossy, or wood tone decorations, …).







Why anodizing?


Our aluminium products are sometimes installed in agressive environments and need to get a treatment in order to ensure their resistance and lifespan.

On the other hand, lacquering is not recommended for the treatment of a profile on which pieces would slide (for example our rail lifelines: ALTIRAIL, ALTIRAIL LR, COMBIRAIL et VERTIRAIL). Thus, in these cases, we will have to use the anoodizing process.


Anodizing benefits:


Anodizing is the perfect combination of protection & aesthetism.

Indeed, it improves the product robustness while preserving its metallic appearance without denaturing the product, and allows it to perfectly blend into the structure.


What is anodizing?


Anodizing is reserved for aluminium profiles.

By creating an artificial layer of ultra-restistant oxide within the metal, anodizing not only improves the aesthetics of the product but also provides optimum protection against erosion and atmospheric pollutants attacks.

Generally speaking, the more protection a product requires, the thicker the anodizing layer will be. Therefore the anodizing process depends on the environment in which the product will be exposed.


Which staining process for my aluminium product?


  • Indoor: the product will generally be subject to chemical staining, reserved for an indoor exposure as it is not UV resistant

  • Outdoor: the product will be subject to electrolytic staining (consisting of depositing metal particles in the pores of the product).




Need some advice regarding anodizing or (thermo)lacquering of your fall protection system?


Do not hesitate to contact our teams which will study with care your contraints and needs!


Digital media accessible 24/7

We were supposed to meet at some fall protection events on the end of the year, which have just been postponed to next year. It’s only a matter of time!
You certainly had subjects or questions that you wanted to discuss with our teams during these special moments.


Did you know that you have a wide range of digital media available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?



* Find anything you need about working at height on our website in the section “Work at height requirements and regulations”: standards, essential concepts, …


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*** Are you looking for a technical information regarding our fall protection solutions? Our Extralink platform is the solution! Ask your privileged contact for your private login details and get access to our online technical encyclopaedia!


Preventica Lyon and Lille

DELTA PLUS SYSTEMS invites you on Préventica Lyon and Lille!

Come and meet our teams at THE reference exhibition for health & safety at work: PREVENTICA! This year 2 editions in a row are scheduled in Lyon and Lille.


2 key editions this year that will take place in the towns of Lyon and Lille in France with very exciting programs!


Your dedicated contacts on your area, will be there to give you all the support you need in choosing the right solutions according to your issues and needs.


Of course, all the precautions will be taken for you to be received under the strictest hygienic conditions.


As always, visitor tickets are offered! Please do not hesitate to download them directly from Preventica’s website or contact us directly to get them: by email at or via our online form.

Can’t wait to see you there!


29 Sept. > 01 Oct. 2020

Opening hours
• Tuesday-Wednesday: 9.00 a.m. > 6.30 p.m.
• Thursday: 9.00 a.m. > 6.00 p.m.

20 > 22 Oct. 2020

Opening hours
• Tuesday-Wednesday: 9.00 a.m. > 6.30 p.m.
• Thursday: 9.00 a.m. > 6.00 p.m.



We are very pleased to announce the creation of the DELTA PLUS SYSTEMS entity!


Created by DELTA PLUS GROUP to ensure the highest level of technical expertise for your safety, DELTA PLUS SYSTEMS represents the alliance of two French renowned companies in the field of fall protection: VERTIC & ODCO.


No worry, your partners, contacts, work habits, … nothing changes! You will continue to benefit from a complete and increasingly qualitative support, from the audit of your needs to the installation of your fall arrest solutions.


For more information please feel free to contact us!

To know more about DELTA PLUS SYSTEMS, click here ⬇️

ALTIRAIL LR-new product

Welcome to the brand new ALTIRAIL LR in the DELTA PLUS SYSTEMS’ fall protection range!

With a span of up to 8 meters, this beautiful new product is designed to secure structures where the available fixing supports are widely spaced. A perfect solution for securing gantries, for example.


Versatile, it can be adapted to any type of structure, from the thinnest to the thickest, thanks to its range of fixing supports.


It perfectly combines comfort of use and safety, thanks to its 316 stainless steel runner, equipped with 2 hooks for reinforced safety and plastic wheels for a smooth circulation.


For more information, do not hesitate to contact our team, via our online form or directly by phone +33(0)476 131 215 or by mail


Click here to get more information about the ALTIRAIL LR system! ➡️

sécurisation d'accès VERTILIGNE sur éolienne

Key elements for energy transition, wind turbines continue to multiply in France

With their significant advantages: lower energy production costs, energy performance (a 12 MW offshore wind turbine can cover the domestic electricity consumption of 16,000 households), limited environmental impact, security of supply, etc., the French government is clearly committed to a strategy of deploying these technologies, especially offshore.


But can we secured effectively all the operators who work on them?
Two main ways.


The installation of permanent fall protection systems.

  • prefer going for a rail solution for user-comfort: which will allow a smooth and continuous circulation, both up and down
  • make sure that the system attaches directly to your own ladder and/or structure
  • make sure as well, that the angle you use the runner is authorized by the manufacturer (inclination of the access system)
  • check the maximum load these trolleys can support (including operator and tools).


Focus on fall protection for offshore wind turbines which are prone to significant tilting and setbacks:

  • choose a fall arrest solution with a carriage equipped with a bidirectional locking system,
  • prefer going for an rail in aluminium for its flexibility, rather that stainless steel.


The training of the operators.

When we think about training in wind energy, we can’t not talk about The “Basic Safety Training” standard developed by the Global Wind Organisation (GWO).
THE reference in the field, it is made up of 5 modules: first aid, manual handling, fire awareness, working at heights and sea survival, and aims to guarantee the best health and safety conditions at work for the technicians working on these structures.


Within the DELTA PLUS group, our ALPIC Training teams are experts in this field and GWO certified. Our brand new indoor structure dedicated to practice will allow you to acquire or review all the skills required to work on wind turbines.
As close as possible to your real working conditions, our practice ground gives you the opportunity to train at will, surrounded by the best trainers! Climbing on ladders/pylons, management of effort, evacuation of a person in suspension, creation of temporary anchors, descents/climbing on ropes, … come and train with us!




Contact us for more info: via our online form, mail or phone
+(33)04 76 13 30 30

Get an appointment directly on our online training schedule here! And if the dates or locations don’t suit you, contact us directly and we’ll organize it with you.



The choice of security and adapted training is essential. As experts in this field, we accompany you throughout this process to ensure the safety and comfort of your teams.

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