ALTIRAIL horizontal rail system is a user-friendly and reliable fall protection system. Versatile, it offers limitless applications on all types of structures.

For specific uses where no fixing basis is available, the ALTIRAIL system can be combined with a wire rope.

  • Versatility
    Especially designed to work at distance, in tension or under loads
  • User productivity
    Free movement all along the rail without disconnection
  • High adaptibility
    Rail bending and switch allow free movement in all directions
  • Optimum safety
    Efficient even for short fall distance
  • Superior design
    Superior design and finish allow a perfect integration whatever architectural constraints
ALU  Fabrication Française  RAL

ALTIRAIL in overhead position

Free movement all along the rail

ALTIRAIL in overhead position

Especially designed to work at distance from the system

Switch for track system

Available in powered or manual version, in 3 or 4 directions

ALTIRAIL in sling version

Optimum safety even if there is no fixing basis available

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