ALTIFIX solution

The patented ALTIFIX Energy-absorbing Bending Posts are unique on the market and have been approved in accordance with the requirements of the EN795 standard, classes C and A.
ALTIFIX securing points can be used to support the cable pilot in a course and as a separate securing point. Equipped with an activation mechanism, the ALTIFIX allows to decrease the load generated on the fixings and the roofing elements. The securing points are easy to install on all kinds of roof structures from above.

  • High-adaptability
    Designed for all types of configurations and roofing deck profiles
  • Versatile
    Can be used as anchor points and lifeline or rail support
  • Easy to install
    Installation without going under-surface
  • Long-lasting lifespan
    Corrosion resistant, entirely made of stainless steel
  • Money-saving
    The releasing tube can be replaced without damaging the waterproofing membrane
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