The VERTIRAIL vertical fall protection system is a rigid safety solution which allows free movement all along the rail without unclipping on the most varied vertical structures (ladders, wind turbines, pylons,…). Especially designed for significant heights, the VERTIRAIL systems provides a great fluidity while ascending or descending.

  • Optimum safety
    Allows free movement all along the rail without unclipping
  • High-adaptability
    One single rail is used for all types of applications
  • Easy-to-install
    Fixing directly on the ladder
  • Superior design
    Superior design and finish allow a perfect integration whatever architectural constraints
ALU  Fabrication Française;  Norme européenne

VERTIRAIL on access ladder

VERTIRAIL on telecom pylons

VERTIRAIL carriage with blocking system

Lower part which enables the carriage to be fitted

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